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Stephanie Gilezan, Broker/Owner

Gilezan Team, brokered by EXP Realty


Stephanie Gilezan, ABR(r) Broker-owner of Gilezan Team Brokered by eXp Realty. At the age of 25 she was the first and youngest realtor in Kentucky to be awarded one of the top 30 agents under thirty years old in the country by the National Association of Realtors. In 2001 she became a licensed Real Estate Broker. Check out some of Gilezan Team’s featured listings.

Quick start: Fresh out of real estate school, Stephanie Gilezan went after the steadiest source of business she could think of-new-home sales. The first builder she talked with gave her 27 spec homes to sell. As her name became synonymous with new-home sales, her volume continued to grow. In 2002 she did $13.2 million in sales volume; approximately 50 percent of that was new-home sales. Stephanie’s business specializes in new construction sales, patio home and residential developments, residential resale, commercial development, commercial leasing, land sales, farm sales & investment. Stephanie is always thinking in a progressive direction. The biggest thing you will determine right away about her is that she’s driven. Her drive and sense of conquest fuels her motivation each and every day. “I’m always setting out to do what people say I can’t do, to achieve things that I know I can.”

Stephanie is a calm and collected person. She projects a level of confidence and control that make me feel safe and secure in her presence. “I guess I fell for some of that reverse psychology when I was growing up,” she laughed a little; “I’m motivated by people who tell me things can’t be done. In 1999 Stephanie graduated from college and decided she didn’t want to invest time into working her way up the ranks. “I wanted to do more than that with my career, and I was very interested in real estate. So I enrolled in the classes, got my license, had a baby, and literally 3 weeks later I launched my real estate career! I was a single parent. I had to succeed. I wanted to be there for my son Dylan and I wanted to know success early on. I guess you could say I wanted it all and I wanted it right then. I knew there was a way to achieve it, and that’s exactly what I set out to do.”

Stephanie Gilezan is married to Louisville Realtor Sam Griffin and has three children. Dylan, Emerson and Brooklyn are all highly skilled negotiators just like their Mom.  Stephanie works very hard, but she also plays hard.  She had coined the name of Rock Star Realtor. The Gilezan Griffin Team manages a balanced combination of residential,  new construction, maintenance free living, farms, short sales, commercial, and investment properties. Stephanie has over 5000 transactions completed in real estate. It’s not about those kinds of numbers though, Stephanie keeps in touch with her past clients and when it comes to new business, thinking outside the box is what will make you successful. If you get to know me, I will show you who I really am. I do it big, and I’m not scared. I’m not afraid of change and trying different things. My clients know me, and they know I’m willing to take the risk of trying something new. They like that. “

I use the Internet, social media, direct marketing and print publications to showcase our inventory. We create business. We find land, and then we find developers. I’m always looking ahead.  I look at property that’s not for sale yet and create a need for it! I’m the Rock Star Realtor. I keep my network all beefed up and I connect people. I will save them money. I tell people ‘don’t you dare do a home improvement until you talk to me first!’ I help them get what they want. I am the total resource, and I only refer companies who I’ve used myself. Our inventory ranges from $2,000 to well into the millions. We service Greater Louisville, Oldham County, Shelby County, Henry County, Bullitt County and other surrounding areas. When someone asks us where we focus our real estate sales, we tell them, Kentucky.” Shifting markets are going to be forever changing and they want every price point. “Just like it’s not about the numbers, it’s not about the dollars either. What it’s about is that when people make a decision to move, regardless of their location or lifestyle, they are starting over in one way or another. I’ve been there.  But that’s what life is about, making your move, taking chances and not being afraid. I want to be part of that.” Stephanie Gilezan is highly intuitive. She said she could peg people in a second (and I believe it!). “I know what people want even before they do.”

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