Prospect, KY

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Located in northeastern Jefferson County 15 minutes from downtown via beautiful River Road, we include a wide range of neighborhoods and of kinds, sizes and prices of houses and condominiums. Many of our neighborhoods have their own community clubhouses, swimming pools and tennis courts, and the Hunting Creek Country Club has a top-notch eighteen-hole golf course, pool, tennis and dining options. We also have a thriving business area, including two shopping centers, grocery stores, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, lawyers, banking, pharmacies, hardware, jewelry, restaurants of all kinds, and others, coordinated by the Prospect Area Chamber of Commerce. The Prospect Rotary Club meets every Thursday.

Our government is elected, non-partisan, by our residents, and is transparent and responsive to residents’ comments and needs. We operate on a balanced budget. We pave our roads, and clear them of snow and ice in winter. Our six-member City Council, our Mayor, and our City Hall Staff, are available and accessible. Our monthly City Council meetings are well-attended, and comments from citizens always is part of the agenda. We have a ten-member, full-time police force. Our crime rate is the lowest in the State.

Our parks are extensive, popular, and well cared for, with hiking trails, resting spots, Harrod’s Creek, Putney Pond, abundant wildlife, herons, and occasionally bald eagles. We are a Tree City, and our Forestation Board is committed to maintaining and improving the beauty of our neighborhoods and parks. The City also is continuously active in maintaining its landscaping, and has the services of an arborist and horticulturist.

Also very popular is our own library, staffed by many resident volunteers, and having a wide and expanding array of books and books on tape for every taste.

I invite you to visit us, travel our streets to get a feel of the various neighborhoods, visit our parks, and our library at City Hall, and our shopping centers and friendly merchants. Visit our website at Stop in at City Hall, and if I am available, I will be pleased to meet you.

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