Audubon Park

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The area that now comprises the City of Audubon Park was once part of 1000 acres of rolling farm and pastureland granted to Colonel William Preston in 1773 by King George III as payment for services rendered during the French and Indian War. At that time, what is now Kentucky was part of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Preston family was prominent in military and civic matters in Kentucky and Virginia.  Col. Preston was the chief surveyor of Fincastle County, which at that time included all of Kentucky. One of his grandsons, also named William Preston, was a Confederate general and later practiced law in Louisville. He was also elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives, was elected to Congress in 1852, and served as Minister to Spain in 1859.  The original William Preston’s heirs continued to use the land granted by King George III as farmland until the late 1800's. In 1906, 722 acres of this land was sold to G. Robert Hunt, who was a prominent broker in Louisville and partner in Hunt, Bridgeford and Company. An additional 150 acres was leased to Russell Houston for development of the Audubon Park Country Club & Golf Course. Audubon Park Community Club opened on July 4th, 1909. 

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